Thursday, November 18, 2010

My LEAST favorite time of the day

Okay, I've been thinking about this post for awhile now, and I even refrained from telling Nikki my point of view so that she could read about it here.  Well, get ready.

Every day, I wake up, say my prayers, take a shower....etc....insert daily activity and fast forward to bed time.  My bed time ritual is the usual:  wash my face, brush my hair out, brush my teeth.  and then, like a recurring nightmare, its time.

to floss.

I HATE FLOSSING.  My teeth have the consistency of chalk...ergo I always have multiple cavities when I go to the dentist... (ugh i REALLY need to go btw).  Because my teeth are so horrible, I can't afford to skimp on dental hygiene.  Trust me.  I've tried the "well if i'm going to have cavities anyway, what's the point" route, and believe me....its not pretty.  Anyway, just to prove that its NOT MY FAULT that my mouth hates me, I have new gumption to floss and brush like a maniac.  I'm not saying I don't skip flossing occasionally, but pretty much the guilt gets to me every night.  And oh, how I hate it.  Its painful, it makes an icky sound, and most of all I find it extremely annoying.  I already take longer than Jordan to get ready for bed and flossing is one more thing that keeps me from snuggle time with my honey.  Boo.

I make sure that Jordan sees me flossing though, so that he can a) vouch for me when the dentist gives me the "look" that says..."you can's possibly be brushing and flossing...i know, because I'm a dentist" and b) so that when the bill comes for the cavities that inevitably have to be filled, he, hopefully, won't be to mad at me.  Its a two-pronged attack.  So that's that.  Flossing= hatred.

In a quick recap, Jordan and I successfully moved into a FABULOUS new house in AZ and I love it.  More posts on that to come, because there are lots of stories.  Jordan left yesterday for the Forgotten Carols tour and I open Annie at Broadway Palm tomorrow.  Let the countdown begin.  Only 17 more nights of flossing before Jordan visits.  :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Best Friend's Birthday

Okay, so in all honesty, Jordan is and will always be my best friend.  Sorry, but that's the way it rolls and that's the way I think it should be.  So there.  But this post isn't about him.

Its about my best girl friend, Nikki!  So last week she turned 28 and it is so exciting.  We wanted to throw her a birthday party, so we did it the night before her actual birthday because of scheduling problems.  Jordan and I drove back up to vegas that morning and then I got started on my mom's recipe of chicken enchiladas and a double layer chocolate cake. (ps i have never done the double layer thing and I was really impressed with Jord's knowledge of how to cut one top so its level.  despite my hard work, one layer came out perfectly, and the other did the frosting became the glue.)  Jordan also helped a TON with the decorations--he is very creative in that way...and also very tall, so it makes it so much easier.

Lighting candles
 Anyway, they came over after dropping their adorable son off with a babysitter, and we had ourselves a good time with good food, music, games, and dessert!! Enjoy the pics!
Nathan, Me and Nikki!

The Gang with my supercute Hubby and his "party shirt"

Making a wish!

So, anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Holy Traffic Batman!!!

Okay, this will be a shorty post, but I have to get this out there and then tomorrow I can post about my best friend Nikki's birthday party (ps Jordan has my camera in Cali right now, so that's why that is not happening yet).

So, in the never-ending saga that is Jordan and I's travel log, this last weekend we were down in Phoenix as usual (doing some VERY exciting things...but you'll have to wait for that).  What is unusual is that Jordan left today instead of tomorrow for California.  He got hired to do some recording for an outside project at SKYWALKER STUDIOS!!! So just to brag a little more, this recording studio is phenomenal.  Its in Oakland and has won a bajillions awards...including 18 oscars for sound editing and recording.  The credit list is way too long to post, but suffice it to say that its done HUNDREDS of films.  Pretty freaking cool.  Congrats, babe.

Anyway, since this is my blog, I'll tell you the more boring side of the story.  I dropped Jord off at the airport this morning and then did a few errands.  I planned to drive back to Las Vegas all by me onesie today (i've never done that) and I had all the necessary tools: GPS, water, snacks, and music.  Ready to rock and roll.  I left at 10:30 am, so a generous estimate would be an arrival time of 4:30 pm.

Try 6:30.  I know that for those of my friends who live in LA, NYC, or any other large city, two hours extra probably isn't a big deal.  But a 5.5-6 hour trip should never extend to 8 in my opinion.  The culprit was the final touches on construction on the big old bridge by Hoover Dam.  I am super excited about this thing, but when I can park my car, turn the key back, and listen to an ENTIRE cd before even starting the engine up again,  you know its bad.  Ugh.  No fun.  At least the weather was good.  I even got some reading in.

As a reward for driving all the way by myself (yes i know that's silly) and for dealing with monstrous traffic, I made my self 4 huge pieces of french toast, with no crust, and I'm planning on enjoying a movie and popcorn as soon as I finish this post.  *Contented sigh of relief to be home.  If only Jord were here to give me a hug, a kiss, and maybe even a high five.  Oh well.  there is always tomorrow :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1st Anniversary!!!

So one year ago, on September 25, 2009, I married my true love and best friend Jordan.  It was one of, if not THE, happiest days of my life and I am grateful every day that I was blessed with such an amazing husband.  Seriously, he is the perfect man for me and I can't BELIEVE how lucky I am to be married to him and that he chose me!! If I'm ever feeling down about myself, I just have to remember that Jordan chose me and I feel instantly better.  :)

So, Jordan had been planning a surprise trip for our first anniversary since mid-June.  He really likes surprising me and he's really good at it.  I also like being surprised with this sort of thing, so it works out.  The one hard part is packing.  He gave me guidelines, but inevitably, I packed way more than I needed to so that I would have options once I got to wherever I was going.  We were leaving on Friday, and the Thursday before, we were over at Nathan and Nikki's house for a viewing of the 5th Harry Potter movie before our trip.  Nikki also had a surprise trip that Nathan was planning for her on the same weekend (fishy...but Jordan had given me all the details on her surprise trip to Sedona so I believed it was just a coincidence...silly me).  Anyway, before we watched the movie, the boys went upstairs for awhile and when they came back they gave us both bags full of clues to where we were going.  In mine were disney princess bouncy balls and other disney paraphernalia.  DISNEYLAND!!! I screamed and jumped into Jord's arms and a kissfest ensued for a minute or so.  i LOVE disneyland and I've joked with Jordan that he wouldn't really know me until we had done disneyland together cause I get so giddy and excited there.  After my reveal, Nikki opened her bag.  It was full of the same stuff!! The boys had successfully duped us into believing that we were going on separate surprise trips when we were really both going to Disneyland!! After a lot of screaming and jumping up and down and laughing, we calmed down enough to enjoy some Potter action.

The next morning, Jord and I drove to California and hit Dland ourselves.  (nathan and nikki were so cool and nice to let us have some alone time on our anniversary trip as well as some slammin' fab four time).  We hit up a ton of rides and then did dinner with Nathan and Nikki at California Pizza Kitchen.
Jordan on our first entrance to D-Land, just in time for the parade!
The next day (our actual anniversary) was amazing.  We both got free Happy Anniversary pins, ensuring that the workers and characters would say Happy Anniversary to us all weekend (if you don't feel like a VIP after that, then you have no imagination).  Together with Nathan and Nikki, we blew through almost every ride at least twice--it was a record breaking heat weekend in Anaheim, so very few people were there (you know, for disneyland).  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  Group faves were Hollywood Tower of Terror (HTOT), Thunder Mountain RR (BTMRR), and Pirates.  But all were enjoyed.  It was Halloween Time in the park, so there were pumpkins everywhere, which just made it better.  Here are some fave pics from Saturday:
Jordan, Nathan, and Nicole

Yeah...we got wet on Splash Mountain

The Fab Four

This was taken at the time we were married on our anniversary!
On California Screamin' for the 2nd time in a row out of 3

That night we also watched the fireworks show (yep, I cried when Julie Andrews said, "And remember....dreams come true!" was my anniversary for cripes sake!!), and Fantasmic (yeah, I cried again--that pirate ship is so much fun I can't not cry).  Our bodies felt "punished" (jord's word) and so we slept in on Sunday.  

Sunday was "our" day.  We took it to ourselves.  We hit up a sacrament meeting close by and then napped.  We did all the low key attratctions--like the train and Small world and then had a nice dinner in Downtown Disney at Naples.  It was delicious, romantic, and perfect.  I love him so much.

Monday, we hit the park hard again.  By the end of the day, we couldn't think of anything to go on that we hadn't been on at least 2 or 3 times.  Or more.  Lets just say that the 113 degree heat gave us an advantage (depending on who you ask....the frozen lemonade saved our lives that day).  More pics, you ask?  No problem.
Obligatory jumping disneyland picture

NO HANDS on HTOT--try it before you knock it

yeah...we were scared

somebody get this man a corndog!!

Nathan, Nikki, and Jordan before World of Color
So after we did some souvenir shopping, we headed over to California adventure for dinner and to get our spot for the new show, World of Color.  IT was incredible.  Nikki has the good pictures from the show, so be ready for more pics when we share or she posts about it and I direct you there.  Both of us were crying (nikki and i--not Jord and I haha) because it was so amazing.  Sigh.  Disney magic again.  Seriously, its one of the only places in the world that I have found that completely relaxes my mind.  I am not worried about anything else--not bills, housing, dental appointments, or working out.  I am just happy and living in the moment.  While this happens to me everytime i get to go there, this time it was even better, because I was sharing it with Jordan, one year after we promised to belong to one another forever.  Now, if that isn't a dream come true, I don't know what is.  

Thank you and happy anniversary, sweetheart. 

the ariZoni awards

Okay, so about a week after my birthday, the ariZoni's were taking place in AZ.  The Zoni's are the az theatre scene's version of Broadway's Tony Awards.  (For my take on this last years Tony's...see here).

It's pretty much an excuse to dress up really fancy, and see all of your theatre friends in one place.  The way it works is there is a board who split up and go see all the shows that are registered.  The shows are scored for everything imaginable...from best overall production to best hair and make-up design and everything in between.  There are tons of categories and its an honor to be nominated for one.

This year I got nominated for my first Zoni award for Best Actress in a Contracted Musical--The Light in the Piazza.  That was a pretty big deal for me because I loved that show, that role, and worked REALLY hard on it.   In addition to my nomination, the show was nominated for EVERY OTHER CATEGORY, except costumes (we rented them from the broadway tour) and choreography (there was no dancing).  So pretty much, we (the cast and crew) were really proud and excited about it.
"The Beauty Is"- Me and Nick Cartell

So on September 20, Jordan and I dressed up and went to the awards show.  I didn't win for best actress, but my amazing friend and costar in Piazza Jeannie Shubitz did (for another role she did this year).  She was incredible in Piazza and deserved to be recognized.  I was a little sad I didn't win, but really, really happy that Piazza did so well and that I got to dress up and be there to see it succeed.    Here is what the show won:

"Say it Somehow"-- Nick Cartell and I 

Best Supporting Actress: Janine Smith

Best Musical Direction: Alan Ruch

Best Scenic Design: Robert Kovach

Best Lighting Design: Michael Eddy

Best Sound Design: David Temby

Best Actor: Nick Cartell

Best Director: Karla Koskinen
Jeannie Shubitz and I

Congrats to everyone who won a zoni and to everyone who was nominated!! So exciting!


Hello everyone!! I have tons to catch up on--but I need to go in order or else I won't go back.

So my 24th birthday was on September 14th.  It fell on a Tuesday, but I saw my family a few days before on the closing of Music Man.  A little known (okay, a really well known) fact about me is that I LOVE pie.  Pretty much any kind, but one of my very favorites is deep dish pumpkin--which my mom happens to make really well.  So every year, I get a  birthday pie instead of cake from her.  How awesome is that? After some fun autumn/halloween inspired gifts from my family we enjoyed the pie and homemade ice cream.  Rad.

Tuesday, Jord and I were back in Las Vegas, and I woke up to my adorable husband jumping on the bed yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY and smiling at me like a two year old.  :)  He bought me a gorgeous crystal necklace, a kohl's gift card, and a beautiful card that made me tear up--like all his cards do.  Later that night, he took me to Buca de Beppo for dinner.  Our friend Nathan joined us for delicious food (his awesome wife Nikki was out of town--but i enjoyed my itunes gift card from them the next day) and I got free brownie deliciousness cause it was my bday.  Then we went back home and Jord served me my chocolate birthday cake that he had made himself and served it with my favorite- butter pecan ice cream!!  It was an awesome day!!!

I still feel young enough to enjoy my birthdays so hooray for turning 24!!  BTW it only occurred to me at the end of the day that I should have had a Jack Bauer themed party.  Dang.   Thanks to everyone for making my bday awesome!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who do you think you are, Gordon Ramsey???

Okay--I am inspired to write this as I sit here, on my couch, watching the series premiere of Hell's Kitchen with my husband.  Neither of us have ever seen this show and I have to say, I am APPALLED at the way Gordon Ramsey is behaving as I sit here.  We did watch Master Chef recently, and he didn't seem that mean.  I understand that this is a tv show, and for "entertainment value" is has been decided that Ramsey will act as Satan of the kitchen and it is his job to induce mayhem, stress, anxiety, and, in my case, hatred.  I am beginning to hate this man.  Or at least his "character" on this show.  The thing is, he is playing himself.  Does he really not care how he treats people?????  I understand that these chefs are held to a higher standard because they are professionals, and that he is responsible for judging harshly and keeping it dramatic.  But there is no reason, NEVER a reason to repeatedly tell someone to  "------ off, you -----er" (use your imagination).  In the first hour of this 2 hour premiere, I have heard the f-word bleeped out at least 25 times (and that is an estimate from Jordan).

Now, I am a theatre girl.  I hear language.  I even, regrettably, occasionally use language (though never the f-word...i HATE it).  But NO ONE is so above everyone else, so much better than everyone that they have the right to speak to another human being the way that he does.  There are people that use the f-word casually, and then there is Gordon Ramsey.  He uses it as a weapon.  Ugh. I am so disgusted by his behavior towards other people.  It makes me uncomfortable.  I would not put up with that at all.  No one talks to me like that and I wouldn't want to be on that show cause I would feel like speaking up for my teammates when he yelled in their faces.  

Ramsey doesn't just insult people's food and work in the kitchen.  He insults their appearance, there breathing, their clothing, and even their eyebrows.  Its childish, and frankly, ridiculous.

Sigh.  I'm not even on the show, but I feel stressed.  I feel insulted.  I feel like crying, and I feel like kicking Gordon Ramsey in the face.  Next time, I'll just watch the Barefoot Contessa.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Why the Animal Kingdom and I Don't Get Along

So this may end up being a little long, but it includes a couple of stories- and a recap of the summer.

When my incredibly awesome family came to visit Jordan and I in Logan, I was uber excited, because I was going to get to see my brother Ryan, who has been on the mission for two years.  Because there were 8 of us in a group all together, there was no way we were all going to get to do what everyone wanted, so we tried to give everyone the opportunity to do at least one thing they really wanted to do.  Well, hiking up to the wind caves in Logan canyon was on the list for my mom.  So, we went hiking.  I am not a big outside person, but I love the view from the top, so you gotta work to get there sometimes.

Well, on the hike I somehow ended up at the front of the pack--probably more due to my excitement to get to the top more than my athletic hiking ability.  About halfway up, I started to walk around a switchback, and heard the LOUDEST RATTLING EVER.  Now, being a good arizonan and girls camp attendee in my youth, I immediately recognized this sound as a freaking rattlesnake.  I quickly looked around to see if I could see it and it was about 4 inches from my left foot on a rock, coiled, and ready to make my life a living....well, you know.  I froze, took two steps back and then prepared to run all the way down the mountain.  I stopped when I found my brother and Jordan and told them all about it.  They were a little skeptical, but went to check things out for me.  As they were about to say, "Are you sure..." it started rattling away again.  They took a video and pics (as you can see) and then, after it had slithered away, guarded the way as we made our way to the top.  Ugh!!
Once we got past the snake, though, the view was amazing.  Plus I got major points for being so brave. :)

Story 2

So after we got back from UFOC, and back to our apartment in Vegas, everything in our apt was in pretty fabulous shape, thanks to our friends Nathan and Nikki for checking it out while we were gone.  We did however, have a small roach and ant problem.  At first, they were all dead and so I put my brave hat back on to vacuum all those suckers out of my kitchen cupboards before I cooked anything.  I was on high alert for the better part of an hour, but despite the inherent ickyness of cleaning up dead roaches, I was doing fine.  I got to the very last and highest cupboard--which had nothing in it for the whole time we lived there, but I figured that I'd check it in the name of being thorough.  Mistake.  I found the freaking nest.  As soon as I opened that thing, they went crazy and scurried INTO THE WALLS and effectively made me lose my grip on reality.  I started screaming and shaking and having a "major wiggins."  Who am I??? I am NOT one of those wussy girls.  See Story 1!  I didn't even cry when that rattlesnake showed up--and it is actually dangerous.  Apparently I only lose it when it comes to roaches.  Anyway, my adoring husband came to my rescue.  He wrapped his arms around my entire body and arms by my ribs (I was standing on a chair) and picked me up like I was a pencil and transported me to the couch--all the while I was a crying mess.  He held me for about 10 minutes while I let myself lose it completely, and then donned the appropriate roach battling armor and took care of business.  :)

Story 3

Fast forward to this last weekend.  After a 3 week rehearsal process, I had made it to opening night of The Music Man with the Phoenix Symphony at Symphony Hall.  I was super excited to be performing with this amazing orchestra and in an amazing venue.  My character, Marian the Librarian, doesn't actually come onstage for about 15 minutes into the show, so imagine my surprise when I came onstage and I saw something flying around our heads out of the corner of my eye.  I thought-- maybe its a moth catching the stage lights.  Maybe its a bird!  That would be wacky, but not unheard of.  No.  It was a FREAKING BAT.  As in dracula.  a BAT.
So yeah.  I don't know if it was the stage lights, my teased hair, or the obscene amount of hairspray in my hair, but it seemed especially interested in me, as it proceeded to swoop around me on and off for the entirety of the 1st act.  I was able to keep my composure (though if it had landed on me, I would have gone insane on that thing) somehow, but I was glad when my new friend decided not to show up for act 2.  I may have been imagining it, but I think I got an even bigger round of applause at the end because the audience could tell that in addition to my performance that night, I was also trying to prevent myself from becoming the next feature news story on youtube.  My family celebrated my birthday a few days after that and reproduced the scene for me:

Need I say more about why I never wanted to be a vet???

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Performances Galore!!!!

Okay, so just so you know, I have a few posts that I've already started, but haven't had time to edit and post yet. So be patient.  JK

But this one is a little time sensitive, so I thought I'd buckle down and get my blog on.  So currently, Jordan and I are in rehearsals for two different productions.  I thought I'd take the time to let you know about both, so you can plan your schedules accordingly.  After all, our shows are on the EXACT SAME WEEKEND (which, btw, is why I can't be in the one Jordan is in,,,which makes me real real sad).

Anyway, so Jordan is playing the role of "Peter" in world premiere by Rob Gardner, called Lamb of God.  I am not just saying this because Jord is in it, but it is INCREDIBLE.  I have been in on the whole process from conception to recording, and it is one of the most beautiful pieces of music you'll ever hear.  It is stirring and emotional, and leaves you with an unmistakable feeling of hope and love.  Rob has composed a number of great productions, including, The Price of FreedomJoseph Smith the ProphetSaints and PioneersBlackbeard, and 12 Princesses (sorry, there was no link).  But seriously, Lamb of God is one of his best, if not THE best.  My favorite is the orchestration, which, btw is played by the freaking LONDON SYMPHONY on the cd.  Jordan and I were privileged to hear the final recording at a friend's house a few nights ago, and I can't tell you how excited I am for the premiere performance.  Unfortunately, I can't be in it, or go see it  But, YOU can!  I don't want to sound preachy or anything, but tickets are super affordable, and you can bypass the Ticketmaster fees if you go to this link:

The dates are September 10 and 11 at Gammage Auditorium, with performances beginning at 8 pm. Along with Jordan, the cast includes Linsey Maxson, Jenee Wright Prince, Greg Adams, Amy Jo Halliday, and Michael Sackett.  Seriously, you'll be glad you did.

Okay, now to my stuff.  So, those same dates (plus a few), I'll be doing a concert version of The Music Man in a collaboration with Phoenix Theatre and the Phoenix Symphony.  I am playing Marian, and I am super excited about it.  The show will be semi-staged, with all the songs, but some of the dialogue is cut down to make the show no longer than 2 hours.  But if you want something even shorter, you could come to the Saturday matinee which is the "Family Performance"--only 1 hour.  Pretty much that means that it is only music, with a narrator telling you what is going on. Rehearsals are going really well.  I am pretty tired, but I think it will be really cool with the Symphony.  We'll be performing at Symphony Hall on Friday night the 10th, two shows on Saturday, and closing matinee on Sunday.  Check out the Phoenix Symphony website or buy tickets here

So anyway, the point is this:  if you are in Arizona on the weekend of September 10, give me an early birthday present and show up at one of these to places.  I want them both to succeed so much, so pick your pleasure (or go to both!)  and enjoy a great weekend of music!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My brother

:)  Sorry about my hiatus, but I have been pretty busy.  Busy counting down until my brother gets back from his MISSION!!

Before I met my husband, Ryan was my best friend.  I love him so much and I can't wait to see him.  He gets back on Thursday and then my whole family is coming up to see Jordan and I in Logan on Monday!!! Oh so many things have happened since he left.  A quick recap:

1) Met and started dating Jordan.
2) Blackbeard
3) Holly Jolly Christmas
4) Moved to NYC
5) Got engaged
6) Carousel in Massachusetts
7) Got Married
8) Forgotten Carols tour
9) Moved to Las Vegas
10) Moved to Logan for UFOC

That's a lot of moving and doing big life things!! I have been buried in scrapbooking for the last week trying to get it done before the fam gets in (btw WHY is scrapbooking paper so expensive?).  I should get b back to it actually.  But one last thing....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ode to Fireworks

That's right.  It is FIREWORKS TIME!!!! I love fireworks.  I mean, what's not to love?  They are exciting and sparkly.  And I'm a girl, so, there ya go.

I have wonderful memories of fireworks.  When I was living on the east coast growing up, my parents would take my brother and I to see fireworks in a great big park and there was also an orchestra (a la Boston Pops) that played patriotic songs.  How fun is that?

Actually, its not just the fireworks.  I love the Fourth of July.  I love being American and I love our country.  I feel like its one of the few times in the year that most of the country is celebrating just the blessing of being here.  It's unifying, despite all the political crap that goes on most of the rest of the year.   And potato salad is a huge plus.

But back to fireworks.  They are just magical!!! Especially if you listen to music while you watch them.  Sometimes they explode in time with the music and that is RAD.  Actually, the first time I tried this, I was with my family visiting my grandparents in Casa Grande and it helped my bro and I bond.  I know that sounds super cheesy, but seeing as how we fought all growing up and now we are best friends, I give some credit to that year at the fireworks.

I've spent quite a few Independence Days in Casa Grande actually.  We used to get all the cousins together and sit in my Papa's pick-up truck and drink root-beer floats while watching them.  One year we actually went to the field and the fireworks were so close that pieces were falling all around us.  I got to take one home!  My mom almost had a heart attack worrying that we were going to get burnt to a crisp, but it was a 4th of July miracle I guess :)

One of the most memorable 4th's was when we went camping as a family.  It was raining and storming all day, and we were pretty bummed cause we knew that they wouldn't shoot fireworks in the rain.  But we drove around the tiny town at dark anyway, and THEY LIT THEM.  IN THE RAIN.  In a thunderstorm actually.  We all stayed in the car and saw the most amazing display of earth and heaven's fireworks.  Lighting and fireworks together. Truly incredible.

My love for fireworks doesn't just apply to the Fourth though.  I love them anywhere, anytime.  In fact, my brother was really surprised when I didn't shoot them off for my wedding, but we live in AZ, where personal explosive bullets of happiness are illegal.  Boo.  My favorite fireworks show is in Disneyland.  I cry every. single. time.  Its all so magical and fun and beautiful I can't help it.  It makes me feel like a kid again.  And what is wrong with that???

So, last year I had to miss the fireworks.  I was in Massachusetts doing "Carousel" and we had a show that night.  Yes, I could hear them interrupting the last scene of the show, but I didn't get to see any of the glory.  I was only a few hours from a personal goal of mine to see the Boston Pops Fourth of July Spectacular--and I was singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" instead.  But I did get to make my 4th of July Pie.

This year will be different though.  Tonight, the city of Logan is shooting off fireworks so that people can go to SLC for the big show tomorrow night I guess.  I am not gonna lie....I was really dissapointed to find out that Jordan couldn't make it to watch them with me cause of rehearsal.  I wanted to share this memory and tradition together for the first time.  But, there is always next year I suppose.  Plus, here in Utah, I can get my own.  (I'm too scared to shoot off real ones, but you better BELIEVE I already have a ton of sparklers).  So we can celebrate together a different time.  I did make myself an iPod playlist for this evening festivities and I might even get myself a root beer float.  Who knows? Maybe on Sunday we'll watch Pops Goes the Fourth.  I love me some Boston Pops...almost as much as a sparkly firework.  May the magic COMMENCE!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Follow-up:  Here is what a real Tony Awards number should look like:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Tony Awards:

For those of you who don't know (but you probably do unless you are a total stranger who just fell across my blog randomly), I love musical theatre.  I grew up around it since my dad was an opera/musical theatre singer and I fell in love with it as I grew.  I got my bachelor's degree in Musical Theatre from ASU 2 years ago and have been lucky enough to basically make a living performing since (current employment at the Pita Pit aside).  I love music in almost all of its forms, but musical theatre is probably my favorite.  It incorporates acting, dancing, and singing in one glorious production and few things make me happier than a great showstopping number.

I even met my husband in a musical called Blackbeard.  We freakishly got cast opposite each other as characters who were engaged and that got the ball rolling. Now we are married for EVER and I couldn't be happier about it.

About a year and a half ago I moved to New York City to chase the Broadway dream.  I won't go into all my adventures there (another blog for another time perhaps), and although I left to chase other dreams (named Jordan), I still like to keep in touch with all my friends back there and root for them as they try to tackle the big bad city.

The Tony Awards---the "Oscars" of Broadway- were this last Sunday.  I had a few friends who were in shows that were nominated and one that was even performing.  I grabbed some grub and settled in to watch.  What I saw could only be described as a monstrosity.

And so I compose this letter:

Dear Tony Awards:

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO BROADWAY??!!  I know that by the end of this blog I will come across as a musical theatre snob and probably a jerk, but just know these two things: 1) According to sports talk radio host Jim Rome, everyone is a snob about something.  Whether its "I only eat organic" or "I only fly first class" or  "I have to have complete darkness whilst I sleep," EVERYONE has a thing...or two.  2) I happen to be on a roll about this awards show, and I can be dramatic and I tend to use hyperbole in order to get a point across, so there ya go.  I don't want to be a traitor to my craft or a "bitter betty," but I feel that something needs to be said.

As a friend of mine posted on facebook..."Is this the Tony's or the Grammy's?"  It should be easy to tell.  But on Sunday, my mind was reeling trying to figure out why on this earth Green Day was the opening act.  And why ANYONE would let the lead singer try to crawl out of his drunken/wasted/ completely high stupor to present anything.  This is not a rock concert.

But maybe that is what broadway is now.  I mean, it seems that in a noble effort to revive the American public's interest in musicals, Broadway producers have pored through decades of pop/rock music, looking for an artist whose canon of music they can somehow slap together into a "musical."  Now, the jukebox musical has its place.  I think that probably 1 in 7 of these types of musicals/revues really shine and will be around for awhile.  Examples: Jersey Boys, Smokey Joe's Cafe, even Movin' Out.  Now, to be fair, I have not seen any of the musicals that were up for Best Musical this year.  I can't give an educated opinion about the show itself.  But that's not what a blog is for is it?  This is a rant, people, not a NY Times review.

All night long, the only thing I saw that showcased Broadway talent adequately was Matthew Morrison's "All I Need is the Girl."  A lot of people got their panties in a twist because he is on Glee, a TV show--not a broadway show.  Fair enough---but given the fact the the drivel we had to watch for two hours before he showed up was actually ON BROADWAY, the Tony's needed some real entertainment value.  Morrison was a broadway star before Glee even happened, so it didn't bother me--and I was grateful for the reprieve.  How sad, though, that they had to resort to calling a veteran to sing a song from a show that isn't even nominated for anything to breathe life back into the show.

Now, please don't for a minute think that I am knocking the talent of the people onstage.  As one who has been to all those auditions, I know that those people are good.  They work hard, and I'd like to think that most of them can sing.  I'm just saying that the material that they are given to put onstage is crap.  I was impressed by NOTHING that any of the new shows performed- and that was their one chance to do the "big number" from the show-- or at least a number that would make me spend $80 bucks on a ticket.  

Yep.  EIGHTY DOLLARS.  At least.  Now, there are student rush....but tickets are expensive. And quite frankly, I can go see an Elvis impersonator (ahem...Million Dollar Quartet) for free on the street in Vegas.

I am just tired of producers of pop/rock albums looking to make yet another buck by slamming a bunch of songs together, trying to add a storyline (probably something anti-establishment or angst-ridden), and calling it a musical.  If I want to headbang, I'll go see Muse in concert (who are amazing by the way).  Keep the punk rock in the stadiums and the show tunes on Broadway, please.  

As for the plays, I actually have no problem with "Hollywood" actors coming to the stage.  In fact, I respect it.  Denzel is good.  Why shouldn't he win a Tony for his performance?  I do think that it makes it harder for us no-names to get a job because even if we are good actors, our names won't put butts in the seats like Catherine Zeta-Jones will.  But, alas, what can be done?

The technical problems were, yet again, abundant.  Get it together guys.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned.  But maybe I just want to see new work come to broadway that isn't already have-created by using existing music.  


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doesn't this make you smile??

warning: this blog may turn into me posting my favorite dances from So You Think You Can Dance and why.  Here is Lauren Froderman's final audition before making it into the top 10.  It pretty much sums up how my husband makes me feel inside...enjoy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Tale of the Toxic Taters

So I consider myself to be a pretty good baker, and a decent cook.  I can make a few things REALLY well for dinner, and I'm getting better since I've been trying new recipes from  BTW, their herbed chicken parmesan made my husband fall in love with me all over again.  

Anyway, the problem with me is that it usually takes me screwing a recipe up at least once before I get it right.  Apparently I have a problem reading recipes.  For instance, a few months ago, I was making these delicious maple date bars cause my hubby and I were going through a serious "I love dates more than ice cream" phase, and I misread ONE word on the recipe.  It actually says
 "Beat sugar and Butter at medium speed" after the first step.  I read it as 
"Beat IN sugar and butter at medium speed."
To all of you cooks out there, that tiny two-letter word makes a BIG difference.  The bars turned out delicious anyway, but the consistency was all wrong (truthfully, Jordan want me to make them "wrong" every time--out of pride I have to do it right at least once though).

Or the time that I made two pumpkin pies the night before our first Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie spice, had a nervous breakdown, and my man went and got me more pie stuff so I could make two more the right way.

I have had my share of successes though.  This last Easter Sunday was a complete triumph (jordan's word I swear).  
And, for dessert we had chocolate parfaits.  I've already mentioned Jord's love for chicken parm, and we also thoroughly enjoy chocolate chip cookies on occasion. 

A few nights ago, though, I was having one of those days and was, shall we say, craving a little comfort food.  So I had my heart set on pork chops with mashed potatoes.  I LOVE mashed potatoes.  So, I got myself going on dinner, so that Jord could eat before rehearsal.  I am still working on getting all the food that I make ready at the same time, so, of course, I had to put the pork chops and gravy in the microwave to keep warm while the potatoes finished boiling.  After I drained them, I remembered that I only had one mixing bowl in the apartment, and that it was currently being used to house Jordan's award winning salsa.  Hmm.  What to do?

I decided to just mix them with a hand mixer in the pot I cooked them in.  No problem.  I got it done and served up, and just as Jordan was about to take a big fatty bite, I noticed some suspicious pepper flecks in our creamy taters.  Wait a second...  I didn't pepper these....

Yep.  The hand mixer had scraped the teflon from the pan into my food, making them poisonous.  WHY??!!!!  Luckily, neither of us ate any.  But, I was totally distraught.  I started crying like I had cancer of the puppy and felt like I really couldn't do anything right.  It seems over the top now, but, it really was devastating.  After calming down a little, my amazing husband took me out for some frozen yogurt and suggested that we watch Clueless.

Its okay.  You can be jealous.  :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why do we do this to ourselves?

If you asked me in high school what kind of music I listened to, I would have said "A little of everything...except rap and country."  I haven't changed much, but I find myself liking certain country artists more and more.  My husband is a Garth Brooks fan, and I like many of his songs.  I became a Rascal Flatts fan in college and went to their concert for my 21st birthday.  I consider myself a "crossover country" fan--I would never "favorite" a country station on my radio, but every now and then I just need a twang in my day, okay ya'll?

My question today is this:  why are so many country songs so sad?  I mean, really people.  Aside from the typical infidelity songs...which span every musical genre I think....I really believe that country music holds the record for the most heartwrenching songs about cancer, unexpected death, suicide, or any other tragic event.  Any sane person would rebel against this depressing stuff.  I consider myself to be a happy person...but every so often, "Sara Beth" will come up on  my shuffle and, instead of saying "No thanks, I'm having a great day," I listen.  And I let myself get sucked in to this manipulative heart-string pulling song and end up crying on my way to the gym.  Seriously?

Again I ask...Why do we do this to ourselves?  For that matter, why do I intentionally opt to watch movies repeatedly that I know will reduce me to nothing more than a sniveling ball of kleenex and snot.. (Up! anyone?)  My mother absolutely refuses to watch anything that is remotely sad.  I used to mock her for this, but ever since I got married, I have become more and more like her.  I'll still watch those movies, but I am more disturbed by them.  Somehow, the unfortunate death of a computer-animated elderly woman and her widower's fantastical and touching journey to their dream vacation locale finds its way into my mind as something that will ABSOLUTELY HAPPEN TO JORDAN AND I.  I am so afraid to be apart from my husband that I immediately take whatever I am reading, watching, or listening to way too personally and start worrying about it.  I am hoping that this will calm down with time.  We'll see.

Anyway, I leave you with a favorite quote from one of my favorite shows...Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Xander- "That's okay. I don't wanna go. Just gonna go home, lie down, and listen to country music. The music of pain."

Well said my friend, well said.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ahoy, Alaska

Hello Everyone.  So I have been an absentee writer for awhile now, but let me assure was with good reason.  I was with my husband and his family on a week long cruise to Alaska!! I read somewhere that its not entirely safe to post for the worldwide web to see that you are going to be gone for awhile, so that's why there was no lead-up.  Bam! Blindsided you with my trip, suckas.

Anyway...(btw I just took a cookie break).  So I decided to do a picture-laden blog to tell you about the trip.  I was very judicious in my picture choosing and that is saying a lot since I have about 300 pictures.  PS Alaska is BEAUTIFUL.

Okay.  So last Thursday, Jordan and I flew to Anchorage with his family (which included his parents, and most of his siblings...making a party of 12) and we crashed in a hotel for the night as it was about 1:00 am (not that you could really tell...the sunlight was still kinda visible).  The next day we took this HUGE stretch limo to our ship in Seward and for the rest of that day, we ate food and explored the awesome ship (the Celebrity Millennium).

On Saturday, we were at sea the whole day, but the coolest part was the Hubbard Glacier we got to see.  Our captain got us pretty close, and the most memorable moment was when I woke up from my nap and saw ice chunks floating in the water a la Titanic.  

Ridiculously beautiful, no?  On Sunday, we were in Juneau, where we went to church in the morning and then later that day, we explored the town before our "shore excursion."  Jordan and I decided to go whale watching and to see another glacier in the area, called Mendenhall glacier.  For those Superman fans out there...the glacier was blue and it looked a lot like the Fortress of Solitude.  Just sayin'.

This is an Orca, or a killer whale.  We also saw humpbacks, sea lions, and eagles.  It was amazing.
Okay, so you can't tell about the blue ice in the picture, but I swear.  
The next day, we were in Skagway, a tiny town of about 800--but it was booming during the gold rush.  We went to a salmon bake in an outskirt town (can a population of 800 have an outskirt?  Apparently) called Liarsville.  Then Jordan and I went with a few others from our group "To the Summit!" in a mini-bus tour.  It was actually really amazing.  We climbed so high and the landscapes were incredible.

Then we checked out the town and had lunch with a friend of mine who is performing there, Kristen (how crazy is that??).  I have more pics from the town, but this one is probably my favorite:
Those Alaskans don't mess around with the environment...
This is our Huge ship docked in Skagway.
I know there are a ton of pics in this post, but that's way better than me writing anyway.  Deal with it.  Here are some more from the bay in Skagway.
Jordan and I sailing away.  That's Skagway in the background.  Also, its about 9:30 pm in this picture.  Yeah.  I brought my sleep mask. Thanks for asking.

Anyway, Tuesday we docked at Icy Straight...but we opted to stay on the ship that day.  Gearing up for the dessert extravaganza....

This is just one of about 8 table full of sugary goodness.  Yes, I did gain weight on this cruise.  But isn't that kinda the point?  ps creme brulee was available EVERY NIGHT. 

Wednesday was adventure day.  Jordan and I, with my sister-in-law Nicole went Kayaking in the Tatoosh Islands near Ketchikan.  It was awesome.  I have never done that and we saw a bajillion eagles soooo close to us.  More pictures to come of this amazingness.
That's me looking in the trees for.....

This freaking EAGLE!

Thursday was a sea day, and I haven't really described the food thus far because I don't want to make you jealous.  And I won't go into detail, but the great thing about a cruise is the way you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want.  The dinners every night were 4 courses and incredible.  I tried frog legs.  'Nuff said.

Friday we finished our cruise in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Before we hit the airport, we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which  means that it jiggles A LOT when you cross it and you are over 200 feet in the air.  I am such a daredevil.

Do you see that thing?! It is so long!!!!  But the other side had pretty much the coolest, biggest, most Robin Hood-style treehouse I had ever been in, so it was worth it.  

Plus, it had these huge trees!! And, really, who doesn't like to hug trees?  :)

Well, that was our trip in a nutshell.  Obviously, it was beautiful and fun and amazing.  I loved it!!!!!