Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey everyone!  I am writing this blog from a tech run-through of Don Giovanni here in Logan, Utah.  Jordan and I have been here with the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre for about a month and we are just about to open a whole bunch of shows: South Pacific, Oliver!, Don Giovanni, Boris Godonov, and Merry Widow.  The only one I'm not in is Boris, which is a-ok with me because this girl does NOT want to learn Russian.  I'll leave that to my wonderful hubby, who is the villain in that opera, Prince Shuisky.  He is also Don Ottavio, the tenor lead in Don Giovanni.  Anyway, we open right after the 4th of July so that's fun.  I'll post more about that later (when I have more pictures and videos).

But the real reason for this blog is about food.  :)  Every year that we have had the opportunity to come up here to Logan, Jordan and I made a list of all the places we need to eat at--places that only Logan has to offer us.  Some of those places include:

-Happy Sushi (Golden California Roll is the BOMB)
- Beehive Grill (homemade root beer in house)
- Pita Pit (sentimental reasons...I worked there)
- Maddox  Steakhouse (their beef comes from the farm on site)
- Great Harvest Bread Company (Cinnamon Burst bread makes me so happy)
- Aggie Ice Cream (just yummy)
- Korean BBQ (Jordan's fave)

But the top of my list is ALWAYS Le Nonne.  This is one of the cutest, most romantic, most delicious restaurants ever.  Its an old house converted into a restaurant, and if its nice outside, that's where you want to sit, because the garden is beautiful and secluded.  Here's the truth:  I have only ordered one entree at this restaurant.

Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi.  Meaning potato dumplings in four cheeses.  Yep. Swiss, gorgonzola, fontina and parmesan.  I don't know how the chefs make the potato pasta dumplings so doughy or melty, but its like they literally melt in your mouth in all that cheese.  The serving is giant and so delicious that I simply cannot order anything else when I go.  I look forward to this trip all year round.

So today, I got out of Oliver rehearsal early, at the same time that Jordan finished his Russian diction coaching with a woman from the MET (yep I'm bragging about him) and we decided it was high time for some gnocchi.  At the restarurant, Jordan even had the silliness about him to consider ordering something else.  But in the end, he couldn't.  I'm sure everything else is wonderful, but I can't imagine it topping The Gnocchi.  We were served a delicious appetizer of caprese and bread with a mixture of olives, capers, parsley, garlic, and olive oil.  Also, scrumptious.  As I sat laughing at how delicious my food was and how happy I was to be eating it again, Jordan said "You should blog about it."  So I did. :)

If you are ever in Logan, do yourself a favor and go here for lunch or dinner (lunch is cheaper).  It might be one of the best things you've ever eaten.

Buona notte!