Monday, February 14, 2011


This will be short and sweet, but on this Valentine's day, i just wanted to be redundant and say how much I love my husband.  He is the greatest blessing in my life.  He treats me with respect, love, generosity, and kindness.  He is chivalrous without being demeaning and always takes the time to listen when I have something important to say.  Of course, I find him totally sexy and attractive (especially those forearms of his), but one of the most attractive things about him is his personality.  I love his laugh, and I love that we can talk for hours.  We've always been able to.  So go ahead, laugh at my cheesy facebook messages and proclamations of love.  I don't care.  I'll just turn my Jordan Bluth cd up louder and smile, cause he picked me.  :)

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart.  I love you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Fact:  I LOVE holidays.  All of them.  And I love celebrating them.

This has been a thing with me since I was a kid--my mom was always finding ways to make even small holidays fun and special, and I've kept that tradition alive in my adult life.

Obviously, there are the big ticket holidays that most people celebrate: Christmas (my favorite), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Years, Valentine's Day, and Fourth of July.  Of course, I'm not including other religious holidays that could be substituted, like Passover and Hanukkah.  I really like decorating for each season and observing it for as long as possible.  Here is a general calendar that I like to go by:

Jan:  General Winter Decor--snowflakes, deep reds, silvers, blues--I don't usually do anything different for New Years since I leave my Christmas decorations up til the week after.

Feb: Valentine's Day!  I really love v-day, and especially now that I have a honey to celebrate with.  My home is a little more classy now (cause I don't want to be too girly when my hubby has to live here too), so I have rose shaped candle holders and red tablecloths, etc.

March:  St Patrick's Day!  Green please.  Also works for Spring

April: Easter/ Spring

May: Spring

June: Summer baby.

July: Independence Day

August: Summer

September: Autumn/ Back to school

October: Halloween

November: Thanksgiving/ Harvest

December: Christmas

These are all pretty normal for people to decorate for I think.  The easiest way for me to observe some other fun holidays are with food---no surprise there I guess.  Some ideas:

Opening day of Baseball: bbq hot dogs and burgers--this is fun even if you don't like baseball (ps I DON'T) cause you can watch a baseball movie like Field of Dreams or Sandlot and have a grand old time.

Cinco de Mayo: mexican fiesta, please.  Go all out.  Make everything.

Columbus Day: Make Italian food.

Winter Solstice:  English food.  Play Enya.  This is a big one for my mom.

Anyway--the whole idea for this post came from my delight in seeing that my movie channels--Encore, etc saw fit to pay attention and play Groundhog Day today.  THANK YOU whoever was in charge of scheduling.  Its so annoying to me to be celebrating a day like Valentine's day and having "The Grudge" on TNT.  REally?? Come on people.  Also, take note Radio dj's and ward music chairman's of the world: Pay attention.  If its After thanksgiving, SING CHRISTMAS MUSIC.  and oh, if its New Year's week, SING RING OUT WILD BELLS.  Its the only New Year's song in the hymnbook and so you only get one chance to sing it.  Plus its cool sounding, with lyrics by a great poet, Tennyson.  Let's save "Did you think to Pray" for some random week in June please.

Okay, I'm done.  Have a great Groundhog day everyone.  btw its REALLY cold today, so I'm pretty sure that the groundhog saw his shadow.  good think i live in az. :)