Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Best Friend's Birthday

Okay, so in all honesty, Jordan is and will always be my best friend.  Sorry, but that's the way it rolls and that's the way I think it should be.  So there.  But this post isn't about him.

Its about my best girl friend, Nikki!  So last week she turned 28 and it is so exciting.  We wanted to throw her a birthday party, so we did it the night before her actual birthday because of scheduling problems.  Jordan and I drove back up to vegas that morning and then I got started on my mom's recipe of chicken enchiladas and a double layer chocolate cake. (ps i have never done the double layer thing and I was really impressed with Jord's knowledge of how to cut one top so its level.  despite my hard work, one layer came out perfectly, and the other did the frosting became the glue.)  Jordan also helped a TON with the decorations--he is very creative in that way...and also very tall, so it makes it so much easier.

Lighting candles
 Anyway, they came over after dropping their adorable son off with a babysitter, and we had ourselves a good time with good food, music, games, and dessert!! Enjoy the pics!
Nathan, Me and Nikki!

The Gang with my supercute Hubby and his "party shirt"

Making a wish!

So, anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Holy Traffic Batman!!!

Okay, this will be a shorty post, but I have to get this out there and then tomorrow I can post about my best friend Nikki's birthday party (ps Jordan has my camera in Cali right now, so that's why that is not happening yet).

So, in the never-ending saga that is Jordan and I's travel log, this last weekend we were down in Phoenix as usual (doing some VERY exciting things...but you'll have to wait for that).  What is unusual is that Jordan left today instead of tomorrow for California.  He got hired to do some recording for an outside project at SKYWALKER STUDIOS!!! So just to brag a little more, this recording studio is phenomenal.  Its in Oakland and has won a bajillions awards...including 18 oscars for sound editing and recording.  The credit list is way too long to post, but suffice it to say that its done HUNDREDS of films.  Pretty freaking cool.  Congrats, babe.

Anyway, since this is my blog, I'll tell you the more boring side of the story.  I dropped Jord off at the airport this morning and then did a few errands.  I planned to drive back to Las Vegas all by me onesie today (i've never done that) and I had all the necessary tools: GPS, water, snacks, and music.  Ready to rock and roll.  I left at 10:30 am, so a generous estimate would be an arrival time of 4:30 pm.

Try 6:30.  I know that for those of my friends who live in LA, NYC, or any other large city, two hours extra probably isn't a big deal.  But a 5.5-6 hour trip should never extend to 8 in my opinion.  The culprit was the final touches on construction on the big old bridge by Hoover Dam.  I am super excited about this thing, but when I can park my car, turn the key back, and listen to an ENTIRE cd before even starting the engine up again,  you know its bad.  Ugh.  No fun.  At least the weather was good.  I even got some reading in.

As a reward for driving all the way by myself (yes i know that's silly) and for dealing with monstrous traffic, I made my self 4 huge pieces of french toast, with no crust, and I'm planning on enjoying a movie and popcorn as soon as I finish this post.  *Contented sigh of relief to be home.  If only Jord were here to give me a hug, a kiss, and maybe even a high five.  Oh well.  there is always tomorrow :)