Thursday, May 31, 2012

Symphony Hall and the Smith Center

I couldn't think of a more intriguing title.  So, yep, this post really is just about the times I have performed at Symphony Hall in Phoenix and the Smith Center in Las Vegas.  

After we got back from Italy, and I mean within 15 hours of getting off the plane, I started rehearsals for "An Evening with Rodgers and Hammerstein."  It was a revue put on jointly by Phoenix Theatre and the Phoenix Symphony.  Last year, we did the same thing with The Music Man.  The cast was amazing, with about 10 of my closest performing friends and it was a blast.  As always, when you try to put up a show in less than 2 weeks, there are bound to be some pretty stressed and frustrated individuals running around, but, it ended up being a beautiful and uplifting experience.  I even achieved a personal best of performing the highest note I have ever sung solo with a full symphony behind me, at the END of a number with a fair amount of dancing around.  Yay!

Symphony Hall

How cute is this costume they gave me?  Kinda has some 20s flair AND I don't have to suck in my stomach.  WIN.

Myself with great friends Jeannie Shubitz and her husband, Jason Fleck.

From left: Kristen Drathman, Cydney Trent, Me, Jeannie Shubitz, and Molly LaJoie.  The lovely ladies of R and H.
The cast, including Maestro Michael Christie and director Michael Barnard. 
I love singing Rodgers and Hammerstein and I was so blessed to be able to sing their music with the symphony behind me.  Always a thrilling experience.

At the beginning of May, Jordan and I travelled to Las Vegas to perform Lamb of God with Zion's Youth Symphony and Chorus.  I always love performing that piece, particularly when I get to sing the role of Mary Magdalene.  She sings "Gloria" after Christ's resurrection and the piece is simply stunning and an honor to sing.  We got to perform it twice in the brand new Smith Center just north of the Strip.  It was an incredible facility.

Being married has its privileges....our dressing room had a couch, a shower and bathroom, and a huge flatscreen tv.

At dress rehearsal in Reynolds Hall.  

Performing together is awesome.

Me and some of the other soloists- Courtney (Mary, mother), Gail Bennett (Martha), and Joey DeBennedetto (John).

What it looks like as a case you were all wondering.

yep.  eating and talking.  

During dress rehearsal--hence the girl to my left texting and Jordan hunched over :)


The cheap seats.

That's Jordan singing on the left.

I even got to sit next to him.  

 So, the performances were wonderful.  Nearly sold out houses of 2.000 a piece and it was an incredible experience.  So so glad we got to go up there to do it.  Plus, we got to see our best friends for  a second :)