Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh yeah...and this is what happened at Christmastime...

So I was cleaning off my camera and realized that I didn't post anything about Christmas or the 20th Anniversary tour of Forgotten Carols!  Oops.  I got too excited about other things I guess. are some pictures from when I went to visit him in SLC and Park City (I am the only one with a camera, so that's why those are the only pics I have)

The Olympic Sled Runs in Park City

So cute!

Happy to see each other!

Yep....he had to do Trigonometry during the show....

Gili, Christy, Jordan and Kelly waiting to sign autographs
Post Cast Party and Cheesecake Factory Taste Competition

The 20th Anniversary Cast of Forgotten Carols

So that's that.  Update on 12 Princesses:  it made it to the FINALS!! It's now one of only 5 movies that is is being considered for the grand prize of a million dollars and being produced by Warner Bros!  Its also still in the running for Best Dialogue Track, and Michael Sackett is still in the running for Best Actor!  Yay!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exciting Things!

Hello all!  Well, 2012 has gotten off to a great and busy start!  I have been meaning to post about a few different things for a while now, so its time I got off my tuckus and got it done!!  I apologize in advance for this post being a little too bullet-pointy:

-  First off, the show I'm in right now is a 50s and 60s revue and it opened to an amazing audience at the Broadway Palm.  Seriously, it went WAY better than it should have, and I am shocked and elated that everyone loved it so much.  Its always a good feeling when the solo you are about to sing gets applause as the intro starts.  They are gonna love it no matter what at that point :)  If you are interested in the production company we are doing these revues through, check it out here!  Its called Showtune Productions, and Jordan and I have been having a great time doing shows with them.

Best of the 50s and 60s

Broadway Showstoppers

Sounds of Christmas

-Secondly, I'm starting rehearsal next week for a gala fundraiser for Phoenix Theatre--it will be goofy, but I'll probably get to wear a pretty dress and eat fancy, rich people food.  Sounds good to me!!

-Third,  Jordan is a superstar.  He's being pulled in about a TRILLION directions right now and he's killing it.  He started school again this week so that means....School every morning, teaching every afternoon, and rehearsal for Madame Butterfly with Arizona Opera at night.  Or doing stuff for the Elders Quorum, cause he got called as the 2nd counselor.  Whew!  And he still has time to snuggle sometimes.  For those of you who follow my facebook, we were able to get his outrageously overpriced books for WAY cheaper online through Craigslist and Amazon.  Seriously--a $250 book for $83 and a $175 for $75.  Insane.  Jord's awesome teacher did shed some sad light on what a "new edition" means:  technically, it means that 25% of the book has to be changed to justify a new edition.  But that includes:  shifting of text and enlargement of graphics.  ARE YOU KIDDING?  His teacher said that the material is almost never different--thus she told him to buy the most inexpensive version of the textbook within 3 editions.  I'm a fan of this woman.

-Fourth, I have to toot my friend Linsey Maxson's horn.  She is WAY craftier than I am (but its okay because, while I like cute things, I rarely like to make them) and has started a little business of her super affordable and adorable platters.  I bought two and am resisting the urge to buy more until a new holiday comes around and I redecorate with new colors.  Check out her blog and Sweet Stax HERE!

Seriously, I love them.  And she's selling them for such a great price!
- 12 Princesses is doing AMAZING!!  I've been part of this project for the better part of a year and its so exciting to see it doing so well.  Our friend, Rob Gardner, reinvented the musical he wrote back in 2004 and created an animated movie of the beloved fairy tale.  He did a storyboard and had myself and a bunch of other incredibly talented people voice the characters.  He entered it into a contest at the new Amazon Studios and it has been really going well.  It won the monthly $100,000 prize in July for best test film and we were all so excited.  He got feedback from producers from all over and did a rewrite of the script, and we re-recorded everything for a new and improved storyboard.  That new storyboard is now a semi-finalist for the $1 million dollar annual prize of Best Test Film!!!!  If it won, I believe it would be sent to Warner Brothers to be made into a movie.  But I also know that Disney has seen it too. Yeah.  DISNEY.  You can watch the movie HERE!

Along with that mama award, it is up for Best Dialogue Track, Best Script, and was recognized as the most watched film on the site all year.  In addition, I got an email along with my costars Michael Sackett, Jere Van Patten, Lana Shumway, and my dad, Mark Kleinman that said we were all semi-finalists for the Best Actor Award ($1000)!  Either way I am getting a free shirt out of it, but its pretty cool to be nominated.  Here are some stills of my character and the movie:

My dreams of voicing a princess in an animated movie are WITHIN REACH PEOPLE!!  I can't believe it.  Its still a long shot, as the movie hasn't won yet or been made into a movie, and as I'm not famous enough to be considered for voicing Princess December in the movie if it is made, BUT I'm at the stage where anything is possible so its fun to pretend that it will happen.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year!

Happy New Year!!  So, I fell off the face of the earth for awhile.  I'll try to post some pictures from December--my show, visits to Jordan on tour, Christmas, etc.  But, first, I just wanted to quickly acknowledge how amazing my husband is (again).

I've been rehearsing for another show this week and its been very, very stressful.  The human brain can only handle so much!!! Anyway, Jordan has been recovering from some sickness, but yesterday, he still found the time to be a superhero.  I woke up to an incredible back rub.  I was surprised and all the explanation I got was, "Its one of my resolutions to give you more backrubs."  Seriously.  Who makes resolutions to do that??? My husband. :)

Then, he helped me finish taking down all the Christmas decorations, including the tree.  A mammoth undertaking, and yet, it was done and spic and span before I had to go to rehearsal.

I came home for a super quick dinner break to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Just the pick-me-up I needed when facing another 4 hours of rehearsal.

I got home and we got to talk for a little while before hitting the hay- he had rehearsal that night too, and they both went well.

Love it!!!!!!! If yesterday was any indication of how this year will be, 2012 is going to be amazing!!!!