Friday, July 29, 2011

Did anyone else see that terrifying movie?

No. No. NO.  I can't believe it!! I have spent the last two months here in Logan, Utah and have had little to no run-ins with anything creepy or crawly, and now that I have one week left, my apartment becomes the set to Arachnophobia (has anyone else seen that?).  Okay, maybe there have only been two so far, but since they are so much bigger than normal house spiders, they count as way more.  Lest you all forget, I don't do well with the animal kingdom--check out my post from LAST year around this time here.

So, I'm getting ready for bed in the bathroom last night, and after I took out my contacts, I noticed a very big, quick bug of some kind skittering across the floor.   Since I couldn't see what it was exactly, I stealthily  ran to my bedroom to get my glasses to further assess the situation.  Did I need to call Jordan?  Could I handle it myself?  When I don't have my glasses on, everything is blurry and a little bigger than it really is.  I didn't want to expose my girly wussiness if I didn't need to.  So i came back in to the bathroom and crouched on the ground to find the sucker and it attacked.  It never touched me but it new it was in trouble. I quickly looked back into the office where Jordan was sitting--totally zoned into an email he was writing--it would take him at least a minute to drop it and come help me--it was NOW OR NEVER.  I mustered my courage and smashed the thing to smithereens on the bottom of my tennis shoe.    I couldn't look at it and promptly ran into the office like I was hiding.  I half expected it to sprout an extra body and come after me.  My heart was racing and I was breathing hard.  Once I calmed down I brought the shoe to Jordan so he could see it and he said..."Wow.  That's really big!"  Like he didn't believe me.  I have since scouted the internet for a picture of a spider that most resembles the beast and this is what I came up with:
Gah!  This morning, I woke up and got ready to exercise with Jordan (don't get any ideas that we are as awesome as we were in January during P90x--we're just trying to get back on the ball) and Jordan says, "Well, whatddya know?  Here's another one" and smashes ANOTHER one in the living room!! I immediately went and put my shoes on to exercise and was definitely thinking about those suckers every single time I got on the floor for superman/banana.  If I see one more I might be forced to buy some bug spray.

Note:  Dear penpal:

I saw your spider post and laughed so hard!! I can't wait to hear Jackson talking so much and I'm glad that you got that thing taken care of :)  and this post is pretty much for you too, who are we kidding?  hah

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why My Brain and I Need to Have a Little Talk

Hi everyone!  Hope all is well with you all (as if there are lots of people reading this).

I just want to know if this happens to everyone else, or just me:

You go to sleep, exhausted from doing shows and eating good food with family, and your brain decides to plant a very scary and not nice dream in your head.  This dream tries to convince you that the love of your life and eternal companion has decided to marry someone else.  This woman's name is Stephanie for some reason, and she is beautiful and fun, and certainly doesn't have any of the weird issues you have--in fact, she's perfect.  Now, your husband says he'll always love you, but is just going to deal with you in heaven--not here on earth.  You wake up sweaty and scared and end up waking your very tired husband up because you want to make sure that he's real and that he married YOU, not some skank ho named Stephanie (no offense to real Stephanies out there).

Boo.  I HATE that dream, and I'm really tired of having it--or some variation thereof.  I know Jord loves me, and that we are perfect together.  I just don't understand why my unconscious brain doesn't clue in when I am just trying to get some r&r.

Okay, that's all.

On another note, harry potter was AMAZING and I can't wait to own it.  I want to have Harry Potter dreams please!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harry Potter!

Hello all!  As you may have noticed, my blog has gotten a makeover--thanks to a ridiculous amount of free time backstage during Oliver!.  I LOVE Harry Potter.  I got hooked on the books in junior high and have been a huge fan ever since.  My sweet husband, who knows me so well, even got me my own set of hardcover books in a Hogwarts trunk for our wedding day!  No silly engraved champagne glass that I will only ever drink sparkling cider out know what I like, baby :)

Anyway, I was so sad when the last book came out because that was all I was going to get from the series. But, gasp, the movies ended up being very good!  Though they can't possibly include everything from the books, I think they've done a great job capturing the spirit and world that so many people love.

So, next week, you better BELIEVE I will be crying and cheering when Harry has his last hurrah.

Enjoy the new look of the blog for a little while, until I see the movie and re-design it again during another performance.

ps--i can't see my followers anymore!?  is it just me?