Saturday, October 15, 2011

Second Anniversary!

So....Jordan and I have been married for TWO YEARS!! Our anniversary was on Sept. 25 and we did a little celebrating that day, but then we went to Newport Beach this last weekend for scheduling purposes.  Here are some amazing pics!
So our anniversary was on a Sunday, so I decided to make dinner.  I made three cheese Gnocchi, caprese, and spinach, pear, feta, blueberry salad (not pictured).  For dessert I made mini cherry streusel pies.  I have to say, it was one of my best meals ever :)

So forward a few weeks and we got on a plane to Newport Beach for a fabulous weekend of relaxation and romance!!

We stayed at the Marriot Vacation Club resort in a beautiful room.  The weather was amazing and the company was even better :)

The grounds at the resort.
On the pier on Balboa Island.

A leisurely afternoon :)

The sunset outside of Duke's restaurant on Huntington Beach.

I had an AMAZING filet mignon, garlic roasted asparagus, red potatoes and sweet miso corn sauce.  It was as incredible as it looks and sounds.  We also had mango bbq ribs as a starter.  Jordan had parmesan-herb crusted opa fish.  

Balboa Peninsula

On the pier!!
just the two of us walking on the beach :)

We arrived here, at the Beachcomber at the end of our beach walk.
Apparently, I was starving when I got to the Beachcomber, because I stuffed myself with French custard Brioche French Toast.  Yes, it was amazing.

The Tide Pools

So, Maserati's are kind of an inside joke with Jordan and I, so when we drove past a dealership for them, we HAD to take a picture or two.  That's just a really pretty car.
On our balcony, overlooking the ocean!

I really dig this picture Jordan took.  The colors are beautiful!!
So later that night, Jordan's parents joined us.  They were staying for the whole week, and they were kind enough to let us crash the party for about a day.  Thanks!!

So, while loading up on food supplies Saturday night, I became temporarily obsessed with these pumpkins.  I had never seen them before, and I particularly thought that the Fairytale pumpkins were the most beautiful things I had ever seen.  So, I asked my mother in law if she wouldn't mind bringing me home one by the end of the week, if they weren't available in AZ.  Luckily, I found some at my neighborhood Trader Joe's (love) for even cheaper.  I LOVE my fairytale pumpkins!!!

On Sunday, after church, we walked around the Newport Temple.  So beautiful!  

It was so nice to see the temple, but I'd love to actually do a session there someday.  It looked awesome!  I felt so grateful that Jordan and I were able to feel the Spirit of the temple as we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary of being sealed there.  It was great.

After the temple, we (my in-laws and Jordan and I) went to look around Roger's Gardens, a beautiful and huge home and garden store with beautiful plants, flowers, and home decor displays to wander through.  Obviously, we weren't going to shop, but we did go to look at everything and it was SO amazing!  There were of course, hundreds more fairytale pumpkins, which further cemented my need for one, and a very cool Halloween boutique.  After looking at the Rose Garden and many other sections, we ended our trip with a glorious Christmas display with at least 12 trees in full splendor and glory.  It was a wonderful afternoon.
How cool are these?  My mother-in-law went back during the week and got me one.  She is so nice :)

Did you know!!?? Disneyland has an official rose.   I might need one of these too.  (btw this picture is for my penpal)

the boys at the grill at sunset.
After napping, a great BBQ dinner, games, and a movie, we all went to bed exhausted but happy.  Jordan and I had spent a quick, but relaxing weekend in Newport and it was wonderful.  I love him so much.  I am continually amazed at how blessed my life is, and how lucky I am that Jordan chose to marry me.  Happy anniversary, sweetheart.