Thursday, November 18, 2010

My LEAST favorite time of the day

Okay, I've been thinking about this post for awhile now, and I even refrained from telling Nikki my point of view so that she could read about it here.  Well, get ready.

Every day, I wake up, say my prayers, take a shower....etc....insert daily activity and fast forward to bed time.  My bed time ritual is the usual:  wash my face, brush my hair out, brush my teeth.  and then, like a recurring nightmare, its time.

to floss.

I HATE FLOSSING.  My teeth have the consistency of chalk...ergo I always have multiple cavities when I go to the dentist... (ugh i REALLY need to go btw).  Because my teeth are so horrible, I can't afford to skimp on dental hygiene.  Trust me.  I've tried the "well if i'm going to have cavities anyway, what's the point" route, and believe me....its not pretty.  Anyway, just to prove that its NOT MY FAULT that my mouth hates me, I have new gumption to floss and brush like a maniac.  I'm not saying I don't skip flossing occasionally, but pretty much the guilt gets to me every night.  And oh, how I hate it.  Its painful, it makes an icky sound, and most of all I find it extremely annoying.  I already take longer than Jordan to get ready for bed and flossing is one more thing that keeps me from snuggle time with my honey.  Boo.

I make sure that Jordan sees me flossing though, so that he can a) vouch for me when the dentist gives me the "look" that says..."you can's possibly be brushing and flossing...i know, because I'm a dentist" and b) so that when the bill comes for the cavities that inevitably have to be filled, he, hopefully, won't be to mad at me.  Its a two-pronged attack.  So that's that.  Flossing= hatred.

In a quick recap, Jordan and I successfully moved into a FABULOUS new house in AZ and I love it.  More posts on that to come, because there are lots of stories.  Jordan left yesterday for the Forgotten Carols tour and I open Annie at Broadway Palm tomorrow.  Let the countdown begin.  Only 17 more nights of flossing before Jordan visits.  :)