Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back from the dead and already sore

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and all that other stuff.  This will in all likelihood be a HUGE blog, so sorry.  But I Have to fill you all in (like anyone actually reads this anyway...)

So, Jordan left on tour in November for the Forgotten Carols and I missed him like CRAZY.  I spent Thanksgiving with my family and talked with him, but it wasn't the same without him.
Jordan and his awesome roomate, Gili Getz
So anyway, I pretty much spent the six weeks he was gone doing Annie at Broadway Palm, where I played Grace.  The secretary to Daddy Warbucks.  Also, I was playing a narrator in Aladdin, Jr.  for the children's theatre, which was tons of fun.  I had two shows a day except for Mondays and it was CRAZY!  It kept me busy though, and that was the point.  Also, I decorated our house for Christmas (pics to come), hosted a few parties, and somehow managed to not gain weight.  Here are some pics:

Our Christmas Tree!!!

"Snow" on Christmas Day-- our Stage Manager moved the snow machine to the roof for some magic!

Grace Farrell

Sarah Smith as Miss Hannigan and I

Aladdin Narrator

The cast of Aladdin

you ain't never had a friend like me...

So......Christmas was awesome.  I had my husband back and all was well.  We got to spend tons of time with both of our families and each other and I couldn't have been happier.  My shows closed on Christmas Day, and then it was Vacation Time!

We got to go to Disneyland AGAIN!!  This time with my family.  Here are some pics to document the whole magical experience:

Yeah, i couldn't decide which pic i liked better....

Main Street!!

Snow on Main Street!!

Jordan and Emily were the only ones brave enough....

My awesome Fam!  Jocey, Lindsey, Mom, Ryan, and Dad...the rest were with me.

Classic Castle Pic with my true love
So that's that.  Now we are back, after a great Christmas, a happy new year, and a new resolve to get healthy.  Cliche, but better now than never.  We are on day 2 of our P90x workout/diet plan, and yes, we are so sore we can't see straight.  However, I am about to head to ballet class again, cause I refuse to give it up.   So take that, sore calf muscles.  Eat it.  I think I feel better today since I used the massage certificate Jordan gave me for Christmas yesterday.  Thanks babe.  You know me so well....

Sorry for the lameness in my writing, but hopefully I will be back on the ball this year and writing about even more craziness.  Love to you all!